Today I learned three important lessons about mountain biking:

  1. Get off the saddle for most maneuvers such as turns and jumps. The bike goes where it needs to go.
  2. Keep elbows out to help prevent shaky front wheel syndrome. 🙂
  3. Altitude sure sucks the oxygen out of your lungs. Enjoyed many break stops to stop the burning sensation.


Fountain Place Road

Had a great time on my first Sierra mountain bike trail. We picked a pretty popular, but relatively easy, trail. I’m glad we did because I needed the adjustment. I loved it and know why people get addicted to this. The adrenaline rush after a successful series of maneuvers is pretty fantastic.


Fountain Place Road

Somehow I ended up with a great neighbor who has ridden off road his whole life and is a knowledgable, caring teacher. He noted a few things mid-ride that immediately improved the experience. Plus, he waited very patiently for me up all the hills while I caught my breath.

Can’t wait for the next ride. But I’m pretty exhausted at the moment.