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Tahoe’s craft beer scene has been one of the oddest parts of my move. It’s no secret that I love good brews, and I was deeply spoiled in Dallas with Strangeways. I assumed since Tahoe is so near to the massive west coast craft beer scene that it would have a similar selection and availability of the Bay Area. While we certainly can get some great items (I helped finish off a keg of Pliney the other day at a nearby pub), there seems to be just a standard set of taps that everyone carries and that’s it.

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As far as actual local breweries goes, I can count on one hand. And the ones that are actually good….. ahem.

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That’s why when I found out that a couple of enthusiastic home brewers were starting up a real craft brewery (not a brew pub!) in Incline Village, I jumped to find out if they were any good. On my first visit, they poured me a couple of samples that were quite delicious… and I was hooked. Over the past few months I’ve put in a couple of hours of volunteer manual labor in (pallet splitting and linoleum stripping!) and got to know Rich and Kevin a bit.

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Now, finally they opened up the tap room and have some extended holiday hours.

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After my visit today, my suspicions were confirmed–Alibi is going to be a superb addition to Tahoe as a high quality local craft beer house. In the next few months they’ll start rolling with distribution and kegs to area restaurants. Until then, the comfortable and beautifully fitted tap room is the best way to sample the brews and take a growler (or two) home. Plus, you get the added bonus of touring the shop and likely meeting Kevin or Rich (who both seem to live there!).

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Today they had a number of great beers to choose from — not a bad one in the bunch. I got samplers of each: a White IPA, a regular IPA, a Saison with pomegranete, a Dark Strong Saison, a Coffee Porter on nitro, and a standard Porter. Kevin really likes saisons and experimenting with the flavors, so I suspect there will always be at least a couple of saisons around.

For tap room hours and new brews happening, check out their Facebook page. Their website seems to be in a little bit of a flux right now (I get the new site on my phone, but not on my PC). Alibi’s address is 204 East Enterprise, Incline Village, Nevada.


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you Eliot. I, too, had the pleasure of putting in a few volunteer hours at Alibi. The beers that were on tap during construction were quite tasty and the great spirit of the volunteers was a testament to what a terrific establishment this is. Looking forward to future trips to Incline Village and many more enjoyable times at Alibi Ale Works!

  2. I hope so too Eliot!

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