In one of my first blog posts on this current incarnation of this blog, I lamented a bit on how the manufacturing world is so far behind with modern programming and having a public community:

Over the last decade while I’ve been building factories, I’ve been reading all the web development and iOS/Mac blogs. Ruby on Rails has sprung up, MVC-style platforms are abundant, and everyone has learned Objective-C.

I feel like I missed the bandwagon. Off over here in the strange sideshow of manufacturing. Sure, every factory in America runs Wonderware or Rockwell software…but there’s no StackExchange for manufacturing software, and there’s barely any mention of these technologies on Twitter or ADN. In short, there’s not really any public community.

Rusty Programmer, July 2013

Andy Robinson (aka Archestranaut) seemed to be having similar thoughts and started a little project called aaOpenSource on GitHub. I recently decided to jump into this project and contribute some code myself. After a little thinking, I decided this could be a good opportunity to start creating the public community I would like to see in my work life. So, I asked Andy if we could setup a real website and start trying to bring together folks who are interested in building an open source community in manufacturing.

The result?



You can read about my hopes for launch on the blog there. Next week, Andy and I will both be at the Wonderware user conference in Orlando, and are hoping to find more like-minded folks to join our project. It’s a tiny start, but it’s something.